Green Green Episode 01

Green Green

"Hearts Race in the Mountain"

It's rare that I am so simultaneously repulsed and intrigued by an anime series. Usually my first impressions are pretty definite (whether or not they pan out for the long haul, is another matter).

This is a pretty standard looking anime show, with wonderfully bouncy and fanservicey female characters (all of which fit your various anime stereotypes) and the whole gamut of males. It's all above average, and is visually appealing to me. The basic story is that an all boys school is having a group of girls stay over for the summer, to see if they're capable of dealing with a transition to a co-ed school. (The reverse of the previous OAV.) Oh, speaking of the OAV, there doesn't seem to be any overlap in story.

That's sort of the part that turns me off, because the show comes across as a brainless, pantyfest without much original plot or story. However! There also is some weirdness referenced by some of the female characters that makes it appear as though they've come from some other time period (who doesn't love time travel romantic comedy anime?), and I'm actually curious as to what zany backstory this anime has. Couple that with the basically appealing art, and I'm interested enough to see where this is going.

Rating: B-

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Green Green Episode 02

Green Green

"Slip and Trip in the Outdoor Bath"

Hey, who'd a thunk it? A bunch of cute fanservice-prone girls and a bath scene where the guys scheme to peep on them? In an anime? Noooo... couldn't be!

So, recycling that tired ol' plot thread again, but with the added insanity of Green Green's indescribably perverted guys.... Come on, drinking the girls' bath water? I think Seinfeld explained why the concept of bathing is disgusting, not to mention drinking it. Ugh.

Not much plot movement in this episode, it's more like an acclimation episode, to get you used to the frenetic pace of the show, the excessive fanservice and the excessive perversion. But somehow, it manages to be pretty likable in the process, which is more than I can say about anime of this type.

Also, Futaba seems to be warming up to our tragic (yeah, right) hero, which means that makes her like the third of the girls in his harem.

Rating: B-

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Green Green Episode 03

Green Green

"Tough in the Forest"

Another installment of this stunningly original series.

Shoot, but I actually find myself enjoying it. It's a very likable show, despite the fact that it is shallow, meaningless, unoriginal, and too reliant of fanservice.

Or wait... is that what makes a show good?

Anyways, in this episode, it's basically more of Futaba and Yusuke relationship building, creating another competing lover for Yusuke's affections. I can only figure that in the next episode or the one after that, we'll be introduced to another female character who will fall for Yusuke's intense manliness.

A special note should be made to the perverted elements of this show. They're not really all that disgusting, but just how over the top this show goes is somewhat disturbing. And by somewhat I mean really, really, really disgusting. After watching the first few minutes of this episode, I wasn't sure if I could go on, but perservered, only to be greeted by Douching-sama, the female tracking device.


Rating: B-

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Green Green Episode 04

Green Green

"Trouble Dance in the Girl's Dorm"

I hate it when a unassuming anime main male character (this doesn't seem to happen to females as much) gets dragged along on some doomed-to-failure scheme, because he really can't stand up for himself to not participate. This process usually takes a few seconds to happen, and I suppose if you stretched out over a longer period of time, it might be some sort of peer pressure thing, but it's really pretty stupid.

In this case, it's pretty stupid that Yusuke gets dragged along on their panty raid (boy, they sure don't run out of perverted things for these guys to do). I really can't begin to describe how disgusting the whole eating-rice-while-inhaling-scent-of-young-girl routine is, and I really wish they wouldn't use it every episode. Maybe this is some sort of cultural humor that I'm missing (but I'm pretty sure if that's the case, it's pretty disgusting in Japan, too).

But just when you thought that wasn't disgusting enough, we get Bacchigu putting on a string bikini and g-string. Does he really actually have to have breasts? And does he have to describe them as e-cups? This is as bad as it can get, and phsyically makes me ill watching it.

As far as weird stuff that I think is kind of cool: Wakaba communicating with her cactus! This seems weirdly amusing to me, but something tells me I'm missing some terribly perverted innuendo.

I'm probably biased because I think Futaba's cute, but I really hope this isn't the end of her budding relationship with Yusuke. I'm sure this hope of mine is hopeless, though, because it's obvious he's going to hook up with Midori in the end, and rooting for another pairing is folly! Folly!

But I digress. This show might be better if it didn't make me feel sick to my stomach.

Rating: D+

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Green Green Episode 05

Green Green

"Fall Down in the Infirmary"

Probably the most disappointing part about Green Green is that you always know what's going to happen before it actually does. This feeling is just a testament to the show's utter predictability.

If there's one thing Green Green does well, it's presenting Bacchigu in some monumentally disturbing poses and outfits. I'll leave it to you to discover this episodes special surprise. This episode also gives us a glimpse into Tenjin's personality... not much there! You can't help but marvel how incredibly, unbelievably idiotic this guy is.

Also a Green Green first, we've got the first real glimpse at this show's underlying story (two lovers whose love couldn't be realized in the past, reunited in the future), between Midori and Yusuke. And what's Reika's part in all it? She's obviously the third wheel in the relationship, and she seems quite content to meddle, but we really don't know what her goal is (other than ensuring the two star-crossed lovers don't get together).

I guess those are some interesting questions... but they've sort of been around since episode one. At least now Reika seems to be ready to play a bigger part in the show, hopefully things will pick up.

Rating: C+

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Green Green Episode 06

Green Green

"Hot Hot in the P.E. Preparation Room"

I laughed at a lot of things I was supposed to, and one or two things that I shouldn't have in this episode. In the shouldn't have column would have to be Yuusuke using a giant leaf as an umbrella. Don't ask me where they found this cala lilly, big tropical leaf in the middle of a forest in the mountains.

For all those of you who have suspected that the three non-Yuusuke males are secretly homosexual, this episode should leave you with little to no doubt. It's too bad that while one part of the story is becoming more interesting and fun, the disgusting parts are just getting more and more disgusting. (If you are as truly frightened as me by these parts of the show, it'd probably be best for you to watch Green Green with a remote control and liberal use of the fast forward button.)

I wanted to say that this show is a guilty pleasure, but that might give the wrong idea. It's like... You know how good it feels after throwing up? This show is just like that.

In this episode, Yuusuke and Midori finally get some time alone (of course, Midori is looking too much into the situation, as Reika points out), as they search for a location to hold a co-ed party. To ensure that his friends don't get in the way (an agreement with Midori), Reika locks the three losers in the equipment room, where they promptly begin exploring their homosexual fantasies.

I really enjoyed half of the show (guess which half), and really wished the other half ceased to exist. It was also amusing to see the usually calm and collected Reika thrown off her game a bit.

I really can't say if it's worth sitting through the other half of the show though. Ugh, but I must perservere.

Rating: B (Not accounting for the guys' half, which scores a F.)

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Green Green Episode 07

Green Green

"Soaking Wet by the Pool"

I thought this would be the episode where the three amigos would finally participate in a non-sexually deviant manner, but alas, it was not to be. This time it's crossdressing, which probably isn't quite as disgusting as the last episode, but ranks pretty high up there. I guess being in an all-guys school can drive you to these lengths. If you're wondering why they decide to do it, they say it's because they think it will help them understand what a woman feels, but I'm sticking with the latent (perhaps not so latent, actually) homosexuality theory.

Somehow, this episode managed to be mostly about them, instead about Futaba and Yusuke (which I have in the past mentioned is my favorite pairing right now), and how Futaba is dealing with the apparent progress in Yuusuke and Midori's relationship. It's nice to know they haven't given up on this particular thread though, so I hope they go back to it soon.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but I really like the opening and closing themes to this show. The first one is a frenetically bouncy, crazy song and epilitpic-seizure-inducing flood of visuals that emphasizes the fun nature of the show. The closing theme is a nice rock piece with some appealing guitar lines.

I'm disturbed that the last few episodes of this show have featured the three amigos more than Yuusuke and his relationships with the girls, as that should definitely be the main focus of the show. I suppose they should be applauded for trying something different with the layout of this show... but that doesn't change the fact that I think the creators all have serious sexual frustration issues.

Rating: C+

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Green Green Episode 08

Green Green

"Oh My! Oh My! In the Morning Shower"

Oh god! It's the recap episode. That means if you've been following the show, you get two experience three things: 1. All the things you enjoyed from the previous episodes, 2. All the things that made you ill from the previous episodes (i.e. everything with Yuusuke's friends), and 3. Anger at not getting a new episode, being forced to watch a stupid clip show instead.

Some shows like to put some cool new footage (traveling, more often than not) in between the clips. Green Green has its own unique solution. As much fanservice as possible! Definitely the most in any episode yet.

Pretty much a non-episode.

Rating: D+

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Green Green Episode 09

Green Green

"Walking Right Ahead in Kimodameshi"

What the heck is that bear doing?

The animation for this show is about the same as usual, except the particular effect used to show light (from lamps or whatever) shining on characters faces really works in weird ways. In a show that looks overall very clean and well done, the cheap brightening and shadowing that results from it takes away from the presentation.

Another episode of Green Green down without getting any sort of character or relationship development. Not only that, this felt like a rehash of the other episode where Futaba and Yuusuke are in the forest together. So it looks like with three more episodes to go, it'll take the grace of god to save this show.

A real high point for the show after the recap episode last time. I'm amazed how much time they're wasting in a twelve episode show. Of course, it doesn't seem like they really had much material for this show, other than deviant behavior and fanservice.

Rating: D

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Green Green Episode 10

Green Green

"Stumbling Around in the Library"

The art is a little off in this episode, for some reason. Character designs are a little off (especially in some faces), as are general body shapes (some of the girls now have some really weird curves).

I haven't mentioned it before, but I absolutely cannot stand Midori's super-nasally voice. Yet another reason I want Yuusuke to hook up with Futaba in the end, but I'm sure my wishes will not be granted.

Alright, I refuse to review the plot of this episode without spoilers, so either be spoiled or live with it.

I was wondering how exactly Yuusuke was supposed to learn what the audience has already known for ten episodes (that in a previous life he was in love with Midori, but their love couldn't be, blah blah). As it turns out, kissing Midori was all it took! And now he remembers everything, and apparently they were really in love in their past life, because it looks like he's now crazy about Midori, despite the fact that he was making a lot more progress with Futaba, and if it wasn't so completely obvious that Midori is the one he's supposed to get in the end, you might even think that this show was about him and Futaba!

Ten episodes and a flash of light. Insulting.

Rating: D

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Green Green Episode 11

Green Green

"Weakened to the Destiny"

My destiny is to watch this show for one more episode after this one.

Maybe I shouldn't be so cruel. This episode was actually good! No, really! The show takes a drastic turn after the revelations of the last episode (Yuusuke finally getting clued into what the audience has known since day one). The story goes from overly-fluffy fanservice and other disgusting acts to a romantic comedy about whether or not one can go against their destiny. Turn this episode into episode three and start the series over, this is so much better!

It's too late for that, but we get more of what's important, Yuusuke destined to be with Midori, with Futaba on the outside looking in. Ah well, better late than never, I suppose.

Rating: A-

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Green Green Episode 12

Green Green

"Goodbye to Kanenone"

I forgot to mention in my review of the last episode that I was completely wrong about Reika's character. She's actually the Keeper of Destiny, some sort of omnipotent power that observes the flow of destiny (assigned especially to Midori and Yuusuke's relationship). I like Reika's role now a lot better, as Midori's friend and supporter. The Keeper of Destiny wanting to see destiny changed? Hm.

The last two episodes of Green Green, I've been thinking to myself, "You know, it's not really like Ah! My Goddess, but this show really reminds me of it." Then in this episode, when they're walking outside, where Yuusuke needs to help Midori, I was thinking to myself, "Please don't go find a tree, please don't go find a tree." And then, inexplicably, they go to a tree.

Now the real spoilers.

I have to give Green Green props for not going for an overly happy ending. In the end, Reika takes Midori away, as she cannot stay in the present (because she uses her life energy to save Yuusuke's life). But because she gave him her life, literally, she will live on forever inside Yuusuke (yeah, one of those things). It doesn't look like that makes things any better for my favorite couple, Yuusuke and Futaba, but it doesn't really seem like the creators of the show felt like that had to be, and I kind of agree with them.

Green Green 2! No, really, please don't do it.

It wasn't a terrible show in the end, but it really had some terrible moments. The last two episodes are definitely the best of the bunch, and I really wish they had explored that more, given Futaba more of a chance, and done more of the love story, than the crazy pervertedness.

In the end, Green Green was a show about whether or not you can overcome destiny, and its answer is a very waffling "maybe". After all, you might say that Midori overcomes their destiny by saving Yuusuke's life, and living forever in his memory, but I'd say that's a copout. Are they really trying to say that you can't beat destiny? Because that's a pretty sad ending to this show. It seems to me the creators couldn't decide, and didn't want to end strongly in either direction.

Rating: A-

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Green Green OAV

Green Green

Moving from heavy to light, we've got the Green Green OAV. An all-girls' school trying to see if it can become coed in the future, receives a group of boys for a trial period. The boys are as perverted and crazy as you'd expect them to be at an all-girls' school (been watching too much anime, probably).

In between the perverted antics, there's a little bit of a love story, but let's face it, no love story that can be told in thirty minutes is really worth listening to.

This is pretty much as run of the mill as you can get, with pretty average art, story and music. Not very memorable at all.

Rating: C-

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