October 26, 2003

Green Green Episode 01

Green Green

"Hearts Race in the Mountain"

It's rare that I am so simultaneously repulsed and intrigued by an anime series. Usually my first impressions are pretty definite (whether or not they pan out for the long haul, is another matter).

This is a pretty standard looking anime show, with wonderfully bouncy and fanservicey female characters (all of which fit your various anime stereotypes) and the whole gamut of males. It's all above average, and is visually appealing to me. The basic story is that an all boys school is having a group of girls stay over for the summer, to see if they're capable of dealing with a transition to a co-ed school. (The reverse of the previous OAV.) Oh, speaking of the OAV, there doesn't seem to be any overlap in story.

That's sort of the part that turns me off, because the show comes across as a brainless, pantyfest without much original plot or story. However! There also is some weirdness referenced by some of the female characters that makes it appear as though they've come from some other time period (who doesn't love time travel romantic comedy anime?), and I'm actually curious as to what zany backstory this anime has. Couple that with the basically appealing art, and I'm interested enough to see where this is going.

Rating: B-

Posted by Kei at October 26, 2003 10:58 PM
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