November 29, 2003

Green Green Episode 06

Green Green

"Hot Hot in the P.E. Preparation Room"

I laughed at a lot of things I was supposed to, and one or two things that I shouldn't have in this episode. In the shouldn't have column would have to be Yuusuke using a giant leaf as an umbrella. Don't ask me where they found this cala lilly, big tropical leaf in the middle of a forest in the mountains.

For all those of you who have suspected that the three non-Yuusuke males are secretly homosexual, this episode should leave you with little to no doubt. It's too bad that while one part of the story is becoming more interesting and fun, the disgusting parts are just getting more and more disgusting. (If you are as truly frightened as me by these parts of the show, it'd probably be best for you to watch Green Green with a remote control and liberal use of the fast forward button.)

I wanted to say that this show is a guilty pleasure, but that might give the wrong idea. It's like... You know how good it feels after throwing up? This show is just like that.

In this episode, Yuusuke and Midori finally get some time alone (of course, Midori is looking too much into the situation, as Reika points out), as they search for a location to hold a co-ed party. To ensure that his friends don't get in the way (an agreement with Midori), Reika locks the three losers in the equipment room, where they promptly begin exploring their homosexual fantasies.

I really enjoyed half of the show (guess which half), and really wished the other half ceased to exist. It was also amusing to see the usually calm and collected Reika thrown off her game a bit.

I really can't say if it's worth sitting through the other half of the show though. Ugh, but I must perservere.

Rating: B (Not accounting for the guys' half, which scores a F.)

Posted by Kei at November 29, 2003 10:19 PM
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