November 25, 2003

Green Green Episode 04

Green Green

"Trouble Dance in the Girl's Dorm"

I hate it when a unassuming anime main male character (this doesn't seem to happen to females as much) gets dragged along on some doomed-to-failure scheme, because he really can't stand up for himself to not participate. This process usually takes a few seconds to happen, and I suppose if you stretched out over a longer period of time, it might be some sort of peer pressure thing, but it's really pretty stupid.

In this case, it's pretty stupid that Yusuke gets dragged along on their panty raid (boy, they sure don't run out of perverted things for these guys to do). I really can't begin to describe how disgusting the whole eating-rice-while-inhaling-scent-of-young-girl routine is, and I really wish they wouldn't use it every episode. Maybe this is some sort of cultural humor that I'm missing (but I'm pretty sure if that's the case, it's pretty disgusting in Japan, too).

But just when you thought that wasn't disgusting enough, we get Bacchigu putting on a string bikini and g-string. Does he really actually have to have breasts? And does he have to describe them as e-cups? This is as bad as it can get, and phsyically makes me ill watching it.

As far as weird stuff that I think is kind of cool: Wakaba communicating with her cactus! This seems weirdly amusing to me, but something tells me I'm missing some terribly perverted innuendo.

I'm probably biased because I think Futaba's cute, but I really hope this isn't the end of her budding relationship with Yusuke. I'm sure this hope of mine is hopeless, though, because it's obvious he's going to hook up with Midori in the end, and rooting for another pairing is folly! Folly!

But I digress. This show might be better if it didn't make me feel sick to my stomach.

Rating: D+

Posted by Kei at November 25, 2003 12:28 AM
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