November 25, 2003

Green Green Episode 05

Green Green

"Fall Down in the Infirmary"

Probably the most disappointing part about Green Green is that you always know what's going to happen before it actually does. This feeling is just a testament to the show's utter predictability.

If there's one thing Green Green does well, it's presenting Bacchigu in some monumentally disturbing poses and outfits. I'll leave it to you to discover this episodes special surprise. This episode also gives us a glimpse into Tenjin's personality... not much there! You can't help but marvel how incredibly, unbelievably idiotic this guy is.

Also a Green Green first, we've got the first real glimpse at this show's underlying story (two lovers whose love couldn't be realized in the past, reunited in the future), between Midori and Yusuke. And what's Reika's part in all it? She's obviously the third wheel in the relationship, and she seems quite content to meddle, but we really don't know what her goal is (other than ensuring the two star-crossed lovers don't get together).

I guess those are some interesting questions... but they've sort of been around since episode one. At least now Reika seems to be ready to play a bigger part in the show, hopefully things will pick up.

Rating: C+

Posted by Kei at November 25, 2003 11:41 PM
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