Scrapped Princess Episode 01

Scrapped Princess

"Prelude of the Abandoned Cat Princess"

Going back in time a bit on this one, as I had missed this series when it originally aired. I found the art for the show to be very appealing, with interesting character designs and no shortcuts in the action sequences. I found Pacifica to be a standout, closeup shots of her face accenuating the pouty princess look that matches her character. I was not as impressed about the music in this episode, mostly atmospheric stuff that barely registers. I did, however, like the opening and ending themes.

In the first episode, we're introduced to Pacifica (the Scrapped Princess herself), and her companions Raquel and Shannon. (It's probably best to note at this point that Shannon is actually male.) Being the Scrapped Princess isn't all that it's cut out to be, though. People are scared of her, because of a prophecy that says that when she turns sixteen, she will bring the world to disaster. Because of this, many people want her dead. Also introduced in this episode is the requisite mysterious-guy-with-a-hidden-agenda, Chris, who appears to be following the trio around.

I was interested to see that when Raquel casts a more complex spell in one of the battles, she invokes Thor. I didn't see any other references to Norse mythology in the episode, but hopefully this will be fleshed out more in the future.

All in all, this series has piqued my interest. I felt that the first episode didn't go into as much stuff as I would have liked, but there's a long way to go, and I'll definitely stay tuned.

Rating: B+

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Scrapped Princess Episode 02

Scrapped Princess

"The March of the Soft-Boiled Knight"

While I like the opening theme and credits for Scrapped Princess, I can't believe how out of place it seems on a fantasy show like this (though I'm suddenly reminded of Rurouni Kenshin's original opening and it doesn't seem so bad anymore). Oh well, it's still bright and catchy!

In this episode we are introduced to Leopold Scorpse, as he attempts to protect Pacifica from a group of bandits. He's not quite successful, but luckily Shannon (remember, it's a guy) is there to take care of the bandits in short order. We learn that Leo is determined to become one of the greatest knights in the kingdom... and from what we've scene, he has a ways to go.

He is traveling in search of a retired knight, Sir Barrett, who was said to be an excellent knight, and one of the most chivalrous. Sir Barrett's departure from the order of knights was related to an incident that possibly involved the Scrapped Princess, so Pacifica, Shannon and Raquel decide to accompany him.

Along the way, the group bumps into a mysterious spirit and an even more mysterious stranger (tantalizing glimpses at the larger world of Scrapped Princess that it seems we've barely even scratched). The stranger mentions DNA, which is the second or third reference to technology so far in the series. Intriguing.

Finally, the group manages to track down Sir Barrett, and Leo tries to convince him to teach him about chivalry. Leo is clearly troubled by some event in the past, and leaves him only with the piece of advice that when you are forced to kill someone who is powerless to stop you, then you will understand what chivalry is. As they later find out, the event that so scarred Sir Barrett was when he was ordered to kill a princess who was born under ill omen and prophecy (possibly--which means probably--the Scrapped Princess).

Leo is an interesting addition to the traveling party, as the bumbling, green knight, and it will be interesting to see how he grows as a character.

All in all, Scrapped Princess continues to be an interesting show, with good production values and excellent art and animation. Sign me up for another episode.

Rating: A-

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Scrapped Princess Episode 03

Scrapped Princess

"The Unforgivable One's Noisy Song"

In this installment of Scrapped Princess, we find out a little more about St. Grendel's Prophecy (the one about how Pacifica will be a poison to the world, death destruction, etc.). Apparently, it involved the birth of twins, not just a girl. However, it is the girl that would bring ruin to the kingdom, thus she was to be "scrapped" (yes, that's how they came up with that silly name).

I thought this was a very good episode, it has some very amusing moments in the beginning of Raquel, Shannon and Pacifica being cruel to poor Leo, who's trying very hard to be a good knight. The travelers hope that they can settle in Taurus for a while, and look for jobs to earn some money. Unfortunately, it seems that assassins are closer than they thought, and Pacifica is in danger.

One of the best moments of this episode involves Pacifica and the innkeeper's niece, Winia. As Pacifica begins to make friends with Winia, Shannon finds out about the dangers that are close behind them. They must push on ahead of schedule. Pacifica's life on the run seems sad, then, because she has nothing besides Raquel and Shannon, no friends and no home.

There are some pretty funny moments in this episode, and it introduces a more visible and pressing danger for Pacifica and friends. Along with Chris (from the first episode), there appear to be some other henchman chasing after them, so I am expecting some introductions in the next installment. It's also a bit of a cliffhanger, with Shannon going off on a rescue mission, which hopefully means we'll get to see some more of him kicking ass!

Rating: A-

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Scrapped Princess Episode 04

Scrapped Princess

"The Concerto of Encounter and Departure"

Yay! More Soopy-kun. Considering the shows that I've been watching lately, Scrapped Princess has so far always cheered me up.

After some more Soopy-kun (Soopy-kun!) the action heats up just like was promised in the last episode. Barely any time is wasted before we're treated to an awesome fight between Chris and Shannon in a weird canyon with crystal deposits all over.

Anyways, this episode is mostly about Shannon kicking ass and delving deeper into the story and world of Scrapped Princess. Pacifica's character is definitely expanded on through the trials she has to go through at the hands of Lord Mauser's (read: god) servants. This was a very entertaining episode that hit the right mix of action, humor, plot and character development.

Not to mention the terrible little teaser at the very end.

Rating: A

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Scrapped Princess Episode 05

Scrapped Princess

"Minstrel's Lullaby"

The strength of Scrapped Princess pretty much relies on its exceptionally good art and animation, and the cast of extremely strong characters. The main players of Scrapped Princess are not your standard superficial anime heroes. Even if they seem to fit a stereotype on the outside, they all have moments in which they surprise you with their actual feelings, reactions, etc. Pacifica and Shannon continue to be the strongest of the bunch, with Leo providing comic relief (even without the help of Soopy-kun).

In this episode, we're introduced to a new bad guy, and revisit Sir Barret from before. Lots of great moments and the show flew right by. Can't wait for some more.

Rating: A

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Scrapped Princess Episode 06

Scrapped Princess

"Knight's Off-Road Song"

In this episode, Shannon asks the question the entire audience is thinking, "What the hell is the Scrapped Princess?" Of course, we know that it's Pacifica, and we know that she's supposed to be a poison to the world... but we don't really know how that's going to come about.

We get a few more hints in this episode, as Shannon summons and uses the power of Zefiris (the last remaining dragoon) to defeat the first Peacemaker (the enforcers of Lord Mauser). Zefiris tells Shannon that he can summon her to battle the three remaining Peacemakers and, ultimately, Mauser.

Leo parts company with Shannon, Raquel and Pacifica, wanting to go out and ponder the ideas of chivalry and justice, afraid that what he might discover will turn him against Pacifica.

It's been a few episodes now, and I feel like I should have a better idea of what's going on (especially considering one of the Peacemakers is already dead). Hopefully, now that most of the introductions are done, we can get into the meat of the story soon. Though, looking at a series like Trigun, it was almost half the series before the real story started.

A good episode, but not as strong as the others.

Rating: B

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Scrapped Princess Episode 07

Scrapped Princess

"The Waltz of the Cast Away Dog Girl"

Have I mentioned the art and animation of this show are really really good?

Picking up right where we left off, Shannon, Pacifica and Raquel are traveling along, and bump into a homeless girl named Sim. Shannon can't help but become attached to her, much to Pacifica's dismay. As Shannon starts to treat Sim as the new little sister in their group (Sim has a much sweeter temperament than Pacifica), Pacifica gets extremely jealous (being the spoiled girl that she is).

While this is going on, we follow an interesting subplot with Chris (the assailant from earlier episodes). He is working for the Baroness (whose goals are somewhat unclear at this point), and has gone to Grendel to find out more about the prophecy of the Scrapped Princess. He questions the Cardinal, who seems defensive about the fact that the prophecy has been wrong twice before. The revelation that one of the Peacemakers has been killed (and we are introduced to a new one, presumably, in this episode), seems to shake the Cardinal up quite a bit. I'm interested to see where Chris' story is going, and in the process finding out more about the backstory of the prophecy and the church of Mauser.

Also, a little bit (and I mean little) of how magic works is explained by Raquel early in the episode, but she's a bit clueless about it.

Oh, and Zefiris makes another startling cameo in this episode.

Rating: B+

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Scrapped Princess Episode 08

Scrapped Princess

"Nocturne of Bonds and Prayers"

The big revelation in this episode and the end of the last episode (which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise), is that Sim is not quite what she seems. As Zefiris tells Pacifica, she is actually one of the Peacemakers, Cz. Her will is powerful enough that it can bend people to her (like Raquel and Shannon), but as we know from the past few episodes, Pacifica is immune to their mind control. Zefiris wants Pacifica to kill Sim, but of course she can't.

We are introduced to Steyr, another one of the Peacemakers, who explains a bit more about how the Peacemakers work. The Peacemakers are paired up, Cz with Galil (dead) and Steyr with some other unrevealed one. Cz and the unrevealed ones are "artillery" type Peacemakers, kept in phase space because they are too random and hard to control. Sim was uncompressed (pulled out of phase space) to help fight Zefiris/Shannon.

This whole setup is a little unsatisfactory to my tastes, as I have a little trouble wrapping my mind around the concept of an "artillery" type Peacemaker. Maybe this will be cleared up if we get to see Cz in action.

Anyways, Cz possessed the girl Sim, it seems, but Steyr returned Cz to her original form, thus eliminating the Sim personality (though I still suspect that Cz will be converted back to normal, and this show not take the Trigun route like with Greyz).

It is fun in the episode evaluating Sim's actions, trying to puzzle out her dual-personality mode, and just how much she knows about her being Cz. Though, with everything that happens in this episode, the show doesn't offer too many answers.

Rating: B+

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Scrapped Princess Episode 09

Scrapped Princess

"Requiem for the Heretics"

I thoroughly enjoy how they manage to make Pacifica a lovable character, despite her bratty, spoiled princess streak. The artists, animators, and voice actress deserve a lot of credit for bringing her character to life.

In this episode, Pacifica, Shannon and Raquel are crossing through the mountains, stopping at a town where they meet a servant of the church of Mauser, Bergens. He seems a friendly type, despite the fact he is a follower of Mauser, and reminds Pacifica and Raquel of their dead father. He joins them as they leave the town and continue their trek, where it is revealed that one of Bergens' responsibilities is to look for the Scrapped Princess (he seems dismissive that it could be Pacifica, however).

As they trek through the mountains, they stumble upon a village hidden by magic. As they enter, they are taken prisoner by the villagers, who turn out to be worshippers of the devil lord Browning (the anti-Mauser). Bergens is immediately taken away, but the other three are treated as guests after they prove they have no affiliation to the church.

Something's not right in this village, though, as it definitely has a cultish feeling. For example, they're in this compound that is sealed from the rest of the world, they do labor to help out around the place... And they are led by two mysterious figures, one who claims to be the Scrapped Princess.

The other of the two, Lenard, appears to be pulling the strings behind the scenes. He has some sort of hidden agenda, but it isn't quite revealed in this episode. A conversation between Lenard and the supposed Scrapped Princess reveals that she's almost certainly being used for his own ends. Also, Lenard is a magic user, and attempts to get the trio of heroes to assist him. Naturally, they decline.

We'll have to wait until the next episode to find out about Lenard's plans, though.

I should also mention that in this episode, we get to see Raquel pull out a fairly powerful spell, where she summons a huge, spirit being to save the villagers from a mishap at their lumber mill. Also, we see some ancient ruins that look suspiciously like the facade of an office building or apartment complex (I haven't pointed out before that this show definitely has some high tech sensibilities, with references to atoms, DNA, etc.).

Oh and I almost forgot! The last moment of this episode features some absolutely hilarious facial expressions from Raquel, Pacifica and, especially, Shannon. This show does a great job with portraying subtle emotion on the characters faces, and this is just another good example of it.

Curious to find out what happens next!

Rating: B+

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Scrapped Princess Episode 10

Scrapped Princess

"Serenade of the Fake Princess"

Well, seeing the title, one might suppose that it refers to Pacifica as being the fake princess.


No one really expects that Elfitine (Lenard's Scrapped Princess) to be the real deal, so I suppose it's not giving away too much to have the title of the episode give that fact away. After all, we don't have much of a show if Pacifica isn't the Scrapped Princess, do we?

So, in this episode we finally discover what Lenard's plans for using Elfitine and the villagers is (after a bit of misdirection), and it's actually not as satisfying as I had hoped. It makes sense, but it seems a little far fetched that a heretical procurator of Mauser would deceive an entire village for an extended period of time to make himself look better.

It seems that Bergens will be leaving us as a character in this show, and he turned out to be a good addition. He is of course a servant of the church of Mauser, but he has a progressive view on it all. He doesn't actually seem to have all that much faith in Mauser (which is good, considering he's traveling with the Scrapped Princess herself), but understands that people need something to believe in. Considering that all the Mauser followers up to now have all been pretty shaddy, it's nice to be reminded that obviously not everyone that follows him can be bad.

The other interesting things that happen in this episode involve the two Scrapped Princesses. Pacifica takes possibly one of the most ill-timed baths ever (taken captive by demon-worshippers, trying to free Bergens from prison), but it allows her to have a chat with Elfitine, where we learn more about how she became involved with Lenard, and about how she is afraid for what Lenard wants for the villagers.

Ultimately, the way Pacifica deals with this situation reminds you why Raquel and Shannon want to protect her, and why even those sent to hunt her can't help but question whether or not she really is the poison that will destroy the world.

Next stop, Giat!

Rating: A-

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Scrapped Princess Episode 11

Scrapped Princess

"Rhapsody of the Beast Princess"

While the plot of Scrapped Princess is slowly ramping up, and more is revealed, the show continues to rely mainly on the strength of its characters. There's not a character that I don't like so far through (with the possible exception of the emotionless dragoons, but they're far too mysterious-like to get attached to). In this episode, we get to see Shannon's impeccable swordsmanship in action, and more of Raquel being her carefree self.

As more of the details about the history of the world of Scrapped Princess are revealed, it is quite clear that this show takes place in a world where once technology ruled. Somehow, the dragoons were involved in this world, fighting in a battle called the Genesis War, which has been alluded to a few times, but never explained.

The outcome of the Genesis War is fairly obvious, but the real nature of the dragoons and what their new objectives are (Natalie, the newly introduced dragoon, mentions something about Zefiris' former lord, and that Zefiris is only using Shannon temporarily), and what exactly Shannon's connection to all this is (the "D" in "D Knight").

Minor footnote, it's Leo in the Soopy-kun outfit! (Haha!) He's accompanying Winia on a journey, so we can only hope that they'll be rejoining the story proper soon. I'm surprised about Winia, I thought her part was done, though it was fairly obvious that Leo has a larger part to play than just be the goofy knight-in-training (larger part than just dressing up as Soopy-kun, I mean).

I have some reservations about the whole high tech backstory of this show, and as not enough has been revealed about it, it's just a little apprehension (it is my firm belief that fantasy and science fiction do not go well together). I should also mention that they still haven't dropped any more Norse mythology references, so maybe it was just a one-time thing.

Rating: B+

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Scrapped Princess Episode 12

Scrapped Princess

"The War Song of the Two Princesses"

Enter the Matrix.

Well, I wanted to know more about the world, and now I do. Gotta say, I'm not too happy about it. Zefiris explains to the party that the world is some sort of artificial layer that is maintained by the Peacemakers (not too many details, but it sounds more or less like the Matrix, except for the whole humans-as-energy-source angle).

Providence is a law of sorts that makes it so that humans must obey the Peacemakers. The one exception is the Providence Breaker (as has been referred to previously), the Scrapped Princess. She is able to break their control, as well as make those around her break free of the Peacemakers.

So, yeah, we're pretty Matrixy right now.

Regardless, at the end of the episode, Cz informs Raquel, Shannon and Pacifica that they must go to the capital city (presumably to fight the remaining Peacemakers), or else they will begin to kill a thousand people every day.

Scrapped Princess is really a weird mix of science fiction and fantasy, and while I didn't mind the underlying science that showed up from time to time in the beginning, after getting more of the system explained to me, I'm more than a bit skeptical. Hopefully, Zefiris meant the whole world-as-illusion concept in a non-literal way. Seems out of character for a dragoon though.

Rating: B-

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Scrapped Princess Episode 13

Scrapped Princess

"Distant Ricordanza"

Another episode, a little more backstory revealed. As it turns out, it appears that the world of Scrapped Princess is actually our world, somewhere between the year 6000 and 7000. Also revealed is that the Peacemakers not only cannot control the Providence Breaker (Pacifica), they are also unable to kill her, because they are not allowed to. There's an explanation that needs ruther explanation, otherwise it just seems like a convenient condition placed upon the super-powerful Peacemakers.

All things said, using Skid (large, moving watercraft controlled by Scarlet) as a backdrop makes it so this entire episode could be passed off as a sci fi show. It's interesting how the character designs out outfits could be at home in either a science fiction or fantasy series. We get more hints about the dragoons hidden agenda in this episode, but still nothing concrete. Natalie is obviously up to something, but Zefiris does not look like she wants to play along (which leads me to suspect is has something to do with Shannon, who apparently bears a striking resemblance to Zefiris' old lord).

Kind of a slow episode, but events seem to be moving towards a climax in the next episode.

Rating: B-

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Scrapped Princess Episode 14

Scrapped Princess

"Lost Quintet"

It took a while, but we get a whole slew of Norse references this episode! It's another Raquel spell, where she calls on Mjollnir (Thor's hammer) to aid her. Though, now that I think about it... the ship "Skid" is probably a shortening of "Skidbladnir", which was Freyr's boat. Also, the super weapon is referred to as Ginnungagap (which really doesn't make any sense, refrence-wise). Zefiris also makes reference to improved dragoons that were constructed in the past called Valkyries (which became the Peacemakers when brainwashed by the enemy).


More explanations in this episode. Dragoons are controlled by dragoon knights (like Shannon), otherwise they are unable to fight with all of their potential. Natalie is trying to keep Pacifica and Co. from reaching the mainland to fight the Peacemakers, because she is sure that they will be defeated, and they will lose their chance to use the Providence Breaker against Mauser. To try and stop them, she brainwashes Shannon into wanting to protect Pacifica at all costs, even at the expense of millions of lives.

It works, but Pacifica is able to enter Shannon's brainwashed mind and bring him back to the right path (and we get a look at Pacifica's childhood). This is a good scene, too, as Pacifica does exactly what you'd expect her to. Like I've said before, the characterizations in this show are spot on.

I was down on the series for a few episodes there, but I'm getting back into it.

Rating: B+

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Scrapped Princess Episode 15

Scrapped Princess

"Opera of Power and Plot"

It is decided that Ginnugagap will be used to destroy the Skid, and as the crew aboard realizes this plan of action, they decide that their only choice is to retreat, at the expense of the thousands that the Peacemakers will kill. Unfortunately, the Peacemakers use their magic to bring down the defensive capabilities of the Skid, as well as anchor it in place, leaving it a sitting duck for Ginnugagap.

As a last ditch effort, Shannon fuses with Zefiris in an attempt to defeat the Peacemakers, hoping that by drawing their attention, the Skid will be able to escape. Only Cz engages him, however, and the remaining two Peacemakers (Socom and Steyr) are still able to hold the Skid in place.

The battle between Cz and Shannon (who is most likely hindered by the fact he still believes that Sim exists somewhere in Cz, and his inability to commit himself completely to the battle, lowers the power that he can utilize from Zefiris) is pretty specUnlike most anime, Scrapped Princess maintains one consistent style throughout the series, which is something that I like very much. Also, as we've had a lot of buildup in conflict in the last few episodes, it was good to see it all hit the boiling point.

It looks like we're heading into a new chapter of the Scrapped Princess story, and it looks interesting, though I'm somewhat wary of a recap episode coming up soon.tacular, taking place high up in the atmosphere. Shannon is unable to defeat Cz, and Ginnungagap fires, destroying the Skid.

This was an awesome episode, with more of the same good stuff we've seen in previous episodes, along with the battle between Cz and Shannon.

Rating: A

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Scrapped Princess Episode 16

Scrapped Princess

"Duet Near the River"

Hey, a bath scene! That's... oh wait. Wrong series. How about this then... Soopy-kun!

This was another great episode of Scrapped Princess. After the action and adrenaline of the last episode, this one brings an emotional look at the aftermath of the casting of Ginnungagap and the separation of the Casull siblings. Pacifica, struck with amnesia, is living a happy, normal life with Fulle (whose past we have yet to delve into), who resembles Shannon, but dresses a bit more effiminately. A chance meeting between Raquel and Bergens (the priest from earlier in the series), leads to an even more chance meeting between Pacifica, Fulle, Leo, Winia, Raquel and Bergens.

Raquel explains the situation to Pacifica, but she is unwilling to go with her, because she has no memories of her previous life. Raquel is reluctant to take Pacifica away because for the first time in a very long while, Pacifica is happy. She does not know that most of the country and the Peacemakers are looking for her, and she does not know she is the Scrapped Princess. Perhaps she can enjoy the normal life for a while longer...

This is a very touching episode, as we see how all the various characters deal with Pacifica's situation. Shannon has become desperate, pushing himself to exhaustion as he searches for Pacifica (while being tailed and taunted by Cz). Leo obviously wants the old Pacifica back (ah, first love), while Winia seems saddened by the fact that her friend is lost (especially after being spurned by Chris).

In a show that relies on its great characters and character growth, this is another winner.

Rating: A

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Scrapped Princess Episode 17

Scrapped Princess

"Brief Chanson"

The troops and other assorted searchers are closing in on Pacifica's whereabouts. Leo and Winia are beginning to get nervous, and want to take Pacifica away, but she still refuses. We discover a little bit more about Fulle's history. Everyone's pretty much found Pacifica except for poor, exhausted Shannon, who hears the Peacemaker's point of view on the world and their role in it.

This episode was a bit slow moving, but it looks like things are going to pick up in the next episode. I'm less worried about a recap episode at this point, but the show is winding down, and it seems like we still have a long way to go to... well, I don't really know where this show is going. The end situation isn't really clear.

I've got faith, though!

Rating: B+

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Scrapped Princess Episode 18

Scrapped Princess

"Elegy of the Back Alley"

Wow! It's been a long time since we had a reference to the Purgers (one of the very early episodes).

I haven't griped about it yet, but I feel that it's probably time to. All the characters in this show are awesome. They all have very unique looks, personalities, character development, but Fulle falls a little short. For one thing, he looks almost exactly like Shannon (and is taking away from Shannon's screen time, darn it!).

One odd moment in this episode comes during the chase scene, when the music comes blaring in the background, something that I can't remember happening up until now (the music has been very understated and environmental so far). Very pretty music at the end of the episode, though. I haven't had much chance to comment on the music in this series, and honestly it isn't stellar (besides that upbeat, happy opening theme song I like).

Rather large spoilers follow.

While it was a emotional scene with Fulle dying at the end, I have to say it didn't really hit me as hard as character death in other series has done. Mainly, this is because Fulle was an extremely minor, and rather undeveloped character. Most of his character reacts and acts in a way that all the other characters acted when met with Pacifica. If it was Leo or Shannon who went, obviously I'd care more. But honestly, it almost feels like Fulle was introduced purely for the sake of dying. Well, yes he did more than that, but there was definitely opportunity for his character to be further developed, it just seems like it fell by the wayside, needing to follow too many subplots after the group was splintered.

On the other hand, Leo gets a bit more development in this episode, with his feelings for Pacifica made a bit more clear, and also maturing as a person and knight. This was definitely overdue for him, especially since he's something of a major non-main character.

Rating: A-

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Scrapped Princess Episode 19

Scrapped Princess

"Mother's Sad Aria"

The creators of Scrapped Princess sure aren't afraid to let an episode title completely give away the plot of the show, that's for sure!

In other events, this is another stellar episode of Scrapped Princess, and I don't want to say much more without giving away more of the plot than I already have (yeah, I know). Let's just say that this particular episode contains some moving emotional scenes at the end, and poor Pacifica...

I'll take this moment to comment about the next episode previews for this show. They're really pretty hilarious, as they actually give a fairly detailed description of the next show. On the other hand, they have less than thirty seconds to do it. The solution? Have Raquel narrate it... then speed up her voice! It's definitely a little silly.

Anyways, it probably doesn't need saying at this point, but this is a pretty good show.

Rating: A

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Scrapped Princess Episode 20

Scrapped Princess

"Overture of Holy Destruction"

Events are really coming to a head on Scrapped Princess. Shannon, now fully fused with Zefiris, faces off against the three remaining Peacemakers. He's not alone, though, getting some help from some unexpected allies. The Peacemakers (led by Styer) have decided that they must remake the world, because of the actions of the humans. This involves killing ninety percent of the life on earth, and "resetting" it (I'm guessing popping technology back in time a bit).

Action on all fronts here, as we see Chris and his associates battling rally points within the capitol, while Shannon (prior to the fight against the Peacemakers), tries to rescue Pacifica from the mad king.

It looks like a roller coaster ride to the end, so grab on!

Rating: A

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Scrapped Princess Episode 21

Scrapped Princess

"Lonely God's Passion"

I don't know how this escaped my scathing commentary in earlier episodes, but I have to say that while most of the conceptual stuff in Scrapped Princess is awesome (character designs, bad guys, etc.), the rally points really fall short. I mean, they're big blobs of jello with big blobby jello arms. Real scary. Yep.

In this episode, Raquel summons the power of the wolf that swallows the moon (referring to an event at Ragnarok, where pursuing wolves swallow Sun and then Moon), so we get some more Norse goodness. Really though, I'm not sure why they decided to throw these random references in. Were they just too cheap to come up with their own magic system and related entities?

To the surprise of few, Chris has finally come around and decided to save Pacifica. At least when it happens, I was glad to see that Chris' followers (the Obstinate Arrow) didn't immediately all pledge their support for his plan (even though they all agree to it in the end). It's the thought that counts, I suppose.

This episode is a great mix of action scenes with the firefight between the Gigas, dragoon (Shannon) and the Peacemakers in the air, while we end off with strong character development from Shannon and Pacifica. Still great stuff.

Rating: A

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Scrapped Princess Episode 22

Scrapped Princess

"Rondo That Exceeds Time"

I didn't realize it before, but Soopy-kun is apparently supposed to be a dragon. How great would it be if Soopy is somehow a reference to some powerful entitity that will rear its head in the next few episodes? Pretty awesome, but not likely.

The final confrontation is coming, and the good guys seem woefully unprepared. The Gigas are still regenerating, and even if only two Peacemakers would attack, there'd only be Shannon to stand in their way, with the rest of the Obstinate Arrow, Raquel and Leo to fight off any of the Royal Guard. Things are looking a bit bleak, but their camp is cheerful (I guess there's nothing they can do about it anyways).

Meanwhile, the Peacemakers hatch their plan, a bit shorthanded now that Steyr is gone. In addition, it appears that Cz is having her doubts (come on Sim, you can do it!), and their lord has denied them the use of their most powerful form (of course in the end, I'm sure they'll use it, otherwise why go to the trouble of setting it up?).

Speaking of the Peacemakers' lord, we're introduced to her. She bears a striking resemblance to Pacifica (no doubt a strange coincidence...) and talks about how man once reached for the stars (this shouldn't be a surprise to you, as we've had a space program for quite some time now), which displeased god. God decided to imprison man on earth then, building it in such a way that humanity wouldn't realize that they were being held back (the Matrixishness rears its ugly head again).

There are still a few subplots going on, which is somewhat troubling this late in the game. First, Winia and Chris still haven't said a word to each other, and their (budding?) romance has really fallen by the wayside. Also, Forcis continues to be a player in the background (and by player, I mean non-player), I was really hoping that he, as Pacifica's twin, would play a larger role in the story. Speaking of romance, how about Leo and Pacifica? Okay, well clearly romance isn't important in this show... which is too bad, because there's a lot of potential. Seems like this show could benefit from being about twice as long (second season!).

Either way, this show is still great, and I can't wait for the showdown coming up.

Rating: B+

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Scrapped Princess Episode 23

Scrapped Princess

"Oratorio of the Limited Ones"

Boy, it's going to hurt me to say this... but maybe the artists just found drawing Leo with his armor on was too hard, so they keep putting him in the Soopy-kun outfit. I love Soopy-kun, but I really think that given the tone of the series at this point, Leo would benefit from looking more like a knight.

Let me just nitpick a little before I give my feelings about this episode. The art seems to be off just a little bit, with some of the characters looking a little askew. Other than that...

Best episode yet. Don't want to spoil anything.

Rating: A+

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Scrapped Princess Episode 24

Scrapped Princess

"Symphony of Those Who Protect"

Since this is the last episode of the series, let me do a quick rundown of unsatisfactorily wrapped up (or perhaps just strangely handled) side stories:

1. Sim vs. Cz. Maybe I've just watched too much cliched anime and was expecting this. But I absolutely expected that eventually Cz would return to being Sim (or Sim's personality would win out), and she would join the side of good. I don't think I'm completely off my gourd with this, because there are parts where Cz questions Socom's plans. Either way, let's just say Cz/Sim is not a well-handled plot thread.

2. Winia and Chris. Okay, it's kind of wrapped up, but let's face it. One sentence wasn't enough... Though, perhaps proportionally, it was okay.

3. Bergens. He looks exactly like Raquel and Shannon's dad. Was it just complete and utter coincidence?

4. Pacifica and Leo. Like all the other romantic involvements, one sentence is all it needs. It got two, so maybe we should be happy.

5. Demon Lord Browning. Well, we sort of know his deal, but there seemed to be a good amount of buildup for him early on, which falls by the wayside in the end.

6. Leo Learning About Chivalry. I suppose we're supposed to assume he figured it out, but being that it was the primary focus of his character in the early going, it'd have been nice for Leo to acknowledge that he'd actually figured it out.

7. Guardians. Some people have what it takes, but not very. They sort of serve their purpose, but what's really behind people becoming guardians? Why do Raquel and Shannon look exactly like Mauser's brother and sister? And why was Lord Beckenham, Zephiris' original master if Zephy was against Mauser?

8. Zephiris' Plans. She always said that Shannon was only her master for the time being. There are hints that Zephiris may have motives other than what she comes out and says. In the end, it looks like she only wanted Pacifica to succeed. Ain't she cute, though? Much better than Sim.

9. Soopy-kun. Come on... light-hearted ending like this, and not even a whiff of Soopy-kun? What's going on...

Now that I've dwelled on the bad stuff, let's talk about the good stuff. This show has been awesome. The characters have been spot on the whole time, and the animation quality was top notch. The plot faltered a little at the end, and I never really could totally buy into the more Matrixy parts of the story. There are some niggling plot holes, like why the Peacemakers are sometimes so good and sometimes so useless, but all in all this show has been a real joy to watch.

The last episode is no exception, with some good action and some good character building (almost entirely with Pacifica). It's hard to really talk about it without major spoilers, but I was satisfied, if not overjoyed with the ending (it's anime... the endings have to suck!).

The burning question... Do I want a sequel, OVA, or movie? Hmm... well, I definitely feel like there's more story to be told, except that I think that it should have happened somewhere between episodes twenty and twenty-four. I'd definitely watch if they added more, and they certainly left the door open for another series, but I would take some convicing that a story extension wouldn't feel too cheesy to me.

What I will say is that the adventures of Pacifica, Shannon, Raquel and Leo were an extremely entertaining and fun ride. The series is definitely up there with the best.

Rating: A

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