Bakuretsu Tenshi Episode 1

Bakuretsu Tenshi

"Hell Is Coming Silently"

The first thing that should be said about Bakuretsu Tenshi is that Gonzo has really cleared a hurdle in regards to blending traditional 2D animation with 3D CG. If you're really looking for it, you'll see it, but most of the time it goes by looking completely natural, which is great, because it means that the action scenes involving the big mechs (cybots) looks better than ever.

The character designs are really different and cool, with your usual Gonzo fanservice, bouncy females, dressed in absurd costumes (my favorite would have to be Meg, with her tarted-up cowgirl look (complete with hat). Lots of great color use, which makes the show stand out from many of the others immediately.

The first episode of Bakuretsu Tenshi fills me with hope that it might actually be a well-executed action anime. We get a whole lot of Jo flying through the air with guns blazing, in that stylish, Hong Kong-style. If the whole series maintains the level of quality as the early fights (or surpasses it), this could be a fun show.

Rating: A-

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Bakuretsu Tenshi Episode 2

Bakuretsu Tenshi

"The Heartless Gunfighter"

Everybody's loosey!

The action that started in the first episode definitely carries over into the second, the cybot fight taking advantage of the 3D animation to do some really cool things that 2D just can't do (compare the fight here to an earlier Gonzo series, like Full Metal Panic!).

Not too much plot stuff revealed, but when you're going for action, who really needs plot, right?

Jo's journey into the underworld gives the show an opportunity to display a lot more crazy character designs, that really give the future world of Bakuretsu Tenshi a unique look (not to mention cute female leads). Adding to the setting is a good soundtrack, that ranges from hard rock to music inspired by good, old fashioned westerns.

I'm pretty jazzed about this series, especially if it continues to put out more great action sequences.

Rating: B+

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Bakuretsu Tenshi Episode 3

Bakuretsu Tenshi

"City Where the Beast Howls"

The action's a little light in this episode, which is disappointing, because we're stuck with the first part of a multi-episode storyline, where nothing much really makes sense. In this episode, we're dropped right into the "action", with Meg and Jo chasing after some guy for some reason. There's also another guy after him for some reason, and there's also RAPT that's after him, also for some reason.

Of course, we are still in the first few episodes of this show, so I suppose that means we're still being introduced to the flow of the series before the real stuff starts happening. I'm kind of floundering to have anything of substance to say about this show, because substance isn't something that it's high on (it's a style-heavy Gonzo show, which appears to be every other series).

It's still kind of fun to watch Meg and Jo run around and get into trouble, though.

Rating: B-

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