May 02, 2004

Bakuretsu Tenshi Episode 1

Bakuretsu Tenshi

"Hell Is Coming Silently"

The first thing that should be said about Bakuretsu Tenshi is that Gonzo has really cleared a hurdle in regards to blending traditional 2D animation with 3D CG. If you're really looking for it, you'll see it, but most of the time it goes by looking completely natural, which is great, because it means that the action scenes involving the big mechs (cybots) looks better than ever.

The character designs are really different and cool, with your usual Gonzo fanservice, bouncy females, dressed in absurd costumes (my favorite would have to be Meg, with her tarted-up cowgirl look (complete with hat). Lots of great color use, which makes the show stand out from many of the others immediately.

The first episode of Bakuretsu Tenshi fills me with hope that it might actually be a well-executed action anime. We get a whole lot of Jo flying through the air with guns blazing, in that stylish, Hong Kong-style. If the whole series maintains the level of quality as the early fights (or surpasses it), this could be a fun show.

Rating: A-

Posted by Kei at May 2, 2004 04:19 AM
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