April 20, 2004

Midori no Hibi Episode 3

Midori no Hibi

"They Day of Discoveries"


We're introduced to Seiji's sister in this episode, who has a pretty boring character design, with the exception being her enormous mouth. I mean, it's huge. And it looks stupid. On the plus side, it matches her obnoxious personality.

This isn't a very serious show, but it's still annoying that his sister (a caricuture, but still!) is so inconsistent. She starts out as a ridiculous, bullying ex-gang leader with a big drinking problem and a psychotic streak. Then the next morning she's talking about Seiji like a good big sister, and then even has some stupid line about hoping that Midori will take good care of him.

It's only episode three, which means--by the code of anime--that nothing interesting can happen anyways, so stay tuned and maybe after the trial period is over, this mindless drivel will just turn into normal drivel.

Rating: D

Posted by Kei at April 20, 2004 11:26 PM
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