April 20, 2004

Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 28

Fullmetal Alchemist

"One Is All, All Is One"

The importance of this episode will probably be more clear after we get some answers in the next episode. Without this, I'd have to say this was a fairly weak one.

More flashbacks to the Elric brothers' training, how their teacher left them on an abandoned island to learn the way of nature (circle of life, see The Lion King). Their time there was pretty tough, and they had to endure a lot of hardships. However, they eventually refused to be defeated by the island, and became stronger because of it (both physically and mentally). Around the flashbacks, the brothers (present day), are once again left on the island by their teacher, in hopes that they will remember the lesson they learned as children, and give up their goal of performing human transmutation to return themselves to normal.

They're also being stalked by a mysterious child, about whom nothing is revealed (see next episode).

Rating: C+

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