April 05, 2004

Midori no Hibi Episode 1

Midori no Hibi

"Right Hand Girlfriend"

Now, here's the reason I watch anime! Where else could you find a story about a guy with a girl as a right hand? No, I mean that literally. A girl as his right hand! Genius!

Hey, I always want romantic comedies to deviate from the norm, and this is definitely getting out there. The main character, Seiji is sort of like a younger, less principled Onizuka (hey, he's got some serious principles). From the way he acts to the things he does and his character design, I think it's a fair comparison. Well, of course, Onizuka didn't have a girl on his right hand.

Basically, Midori is a girl that the romantically-challenged Seiji never noticed, but who is very much in love with him. She probably made some sort of wish to be with him (or something along those lines), and fate twisted it into their current situation.

There's a good amount of CGI in this first episode, mostly used for backgrounds and crazy camera movement, and it blends fairly well, though it's usually evident when it's used. The pacing and content of the show is suitably zany and whimisical given the show's premise, and it's all pretty entertaining.

I can only imagine it'll get more insane from here!

Rating: B+

Posted by Kei at April 5, 2004 09:01 PM
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