April 04, 2004

Kita He: Diamond Dust Drops Episode 4

Kita He: Diamond Dust Drops

"Kitami - Shiraishi Karin - Part II"

Alright, alright. So I was wrong about the source of the e-mails. But the nurse was a close second in suspicion!

So on the bright side, this show apparently isn't all about pedophilia, cradle-robbing and all that other good stuff.

On the other hand, that also makes it about really boring, mundane stuff. The issues dealt with in this story arc seem so tame. Fear of an operation, a family supporting Karin at great expense to themselves, while Karin doesn't realize the sacrifice. Two episodes really isn't enough to make much of an interesting story.

I really like the music, though.

Rating: B-

Posted by Kei at April 4, 2004 11:00 PM
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