Marmalade Boy Episode 1

Marmalade Boy

"I Want to Fall in Love - 'He's Handsome, But I Can't Forgive Him!'"

Since I liked this episode, I'll get my gripe out of the way first.

Yuu can dunk? Come on...

Anyways, Marmalade Boy is an older series, almost ten years now, inspired by a fairly popular manga. It tells the story of Yuu and Miki, and their relationship, which begins when their parents decide to swap partners and remarry.

No, really.

Obviously, Marmalade Boy doesn't really hold up in the production department against the shows of today, but the music and voice acting is still pleasant, and the art is good (though some of the color choices confuse and bother me).

Watching something like that, you're really going for the story and the characters, which is something that Marmalade Boy does well. In this episode, we get the introduction to the premise, and the main characters of the story (well, at least a good number of them). It's fairly standard as introductory episodes go, nothing really spectacular. Having read the manga, I have faith that it's going somewhere, but by itself, it's not immediately captivating. It is, however, rather charming.

Though it's nice that the first relationship curveball gets thrown right in the first episode.

Rating: B+

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Marmalade Boy Episode 2

Marmalade Boy

"Side Effects of a Kiss - 'I Don't Know What He's Thinking.'"

I'm amazed at the restraint shown by the creators of Marmalade Boy in holding back on the titular reference until the second episode.

The first episode of Marmalade Boy was mostly character introductions. That was a good starting point, but in the second episode, we start learning about the characters' pasts. The love triangle gets set up (Ginta, Miki, Yuu), and we get teased about the love rectangle (Arimi).

The show wastes no time in diving right into Miki's mixed-up feelings for Yuu, and I'm guessing this is one of the last chances she'll have to only have Yuu to feel mixed-up about.

Maybe it's just the nostalgic charm of old anime series, but Marmalade Boy has a nice, light-hearted feel to it which doesn't seem to happen much in recent anime series. There's no excessive fanservice, outrageous character archetypes, or other fluff (at least not yet), to interfere with the story. It's a refreshing change of pace.

Being a fan of the manga, I was really impressed by how well they transferred the feel and mannerisms of the manga to the anime. The colors aren't really what I expected (as I mentioned before), but the characters' facial expressions, and the way they talk and act are very much in line with what I had pictured from the manga.

Rating: B+

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Marmalade Boy Episode 3

Marmalade Boy

"Two Kisses - 'Yuu Had a Girlfriend?'"

Miki gets to go slap-happy, getting both Yuu and Ginta in one episode!

In this installment of Marmalade Boy, Miki and Yuu's relationship moves along, with Yuu rather innocently inviting Miki to go to an amusement park with him, which is basically a date, though neither of them would call it that.

Since things are starting to go smoothly for them (other than the troubles caused by Yuu's usual teasing), it's past time for a few curveballs to be thrown their way. In this episode, the introduction of Arimi, Yuu's girlfriend from his old school and Ginta's starting to take action on his feelings for Miki mean we've got a love rectangle in episode three!

This is a fun show with some generally funny moments. It's also paced a lot more evenly and relies a lot less on the cliched plot devices we see today.

Rating: A-

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