Maria-sama ga Miteru Episode 1

Maria-sama ga Miteru

"La Déclaration Troublante - A Souer's Disturbing Declaration"

Something occured to me as I forced myself through an episode of this show that was obviously not intended, aimed or really any effort given at all, to appeal to me or an audience like me.

Guys have shows (like Ikkitousen, for example) where high schools devolve into some sort of Grapes of Wrath system, where the powerful run the student council, lord over the other students, and run the schools as if they were some sort of institution. This is also a cultural thing, I think, where in Japan, students have a lot more to do with school business than in the States.

Well, this is obviously the female version. Instead of having titles like "the Big Three", the leaders of this female institution are named after roses of some color or variety. Their everything is prim and proper. The picture is fuzzy, light diffused. Lots of still shots where only the hair animates. You get the idea.

For all that this show is totally not directed at me, I can appreciate it. The story is interesting in its... differentness. The music is nice and the art is appealing, if you're into the big eyes, shoujo things (I am absolutely most certainly not). At least it's a show about a lot of girls interacting with each other in eyebrow-raising ways and not a group of boys. That'd probably provoke some sort of allergic response in my eyeballs.

Rating: B

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