Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Episode 1

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

"Mystery! - Abenobashi Shopping Arcade"

Holy cow! Is this actually a TV series? The animation quality is incredible. It's Gainax, so that's not too surprising, but throughout the entire episode, I was pretty amazed by how solid the production values were.

Those first two sentences might also be a good way to describe my impression of the plot so far. There's a frame of a plot introduced in this first episode, but what its relation to the actual story of this show is beyond me. Having just watched FLCL, there's a definite similarity in how the story is being told seemlingly without feeling it necessary to actually clue the viewer in. "Trust us," it seems to say.

It's not the best way to sell a show, especially if a person is going to base whether or not they will continue to watch based on it. In all honesty, I'd be very mixed about continuing with this show (other than the fact I'll watch more for the sake of reviewing). There's some interesting stuff, but you start wondering how much of what you'll watch in the future will just be weird or insane or incomprehensible, and how much will be some actual content.

Rating: B-

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