Maburaho Episode 1


"They Came..."

Did you read Harry Potter? Its global popularity more than guarantees a large number of hangers-on, imitations, copycats and other works in the same genre. Not that anime hasn't been here before, but with this show, it seems even more obviously the result of Pottermania.

The art for this show is appealing to me, cute (without being overly so) character designs, and female characters of suitable attractiveness (and bounciness). Right, bounciness, this is defintely a show for boys, with fanservice thrown all over the place (not to mention this is a show about a loser guy with beautiful women falling all over him).

For a few seconds there, the show has you worried that it's going to be like every other harem show, or show of this type, but in the background, you always have the feeling that there's at least something different (and there is).

It all seems a little transparent. Apparently our hero is descended from a line of great magicians, though his direct ancestors have been far below average. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have gotten the power, because he can only use magic eight times (the number of times being the measure of a magician's power). The popular theory, then, is that his child could be an extraordinary magician.

Yeah, right.

This show isn't about his kid though, so let's be honest. Obviously he's the mage of great power, and the fact he can only do it eight times is probably because each of the eight times he's able to do something unbelievably crazy. (That's not even mentioning how absurd an idea that his genes are going to be the ones to produce this super magician, when they must have thought the same about his pathetic previous ancestors, right?)

Then, of course, in the end, when he's out of magic, there'll still be one girl who still loves him, and they can ride off into the sunset.

That's just my guess anyways.

Rating: B+

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Maburaho Episode 2


"It Fell..."

The title must be referring to the quality of the show.

Will they ever make a sword-wielding female that doesn't want to kill the main character?

Kazuki has a really annoying, nasal voice. Many anime characters have nasally voices, of course, but his is exceptional, especially since he whines tremendously (as befits a character of his role).

There's a promise at the center of this show, like every show of this type (Ah! My Goddess, Love Hina, etc.). Of course, it's all befuddled because Kazuki doesn't remember it (there's always a big barrier with the promise, some sort of forgetfulness almost always). At least in Maburaho, we get that out of the way quickly. That gives me a little hope, at least, that the show will tackle some prevoiusly unexplored territory in this very formulaic type of show.

Rating: B-

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Maburaho Episode 3


"She Left..."

Well, he's down to six more spells before he's spent. At this rate, this show won't last much longer!

Ah, but something tells me I won't be that lucky.

More fanservicey, bouncy moments with a little bit of inane, pointless story. So, other than the general plot of this show, which I've already guessed, I suppose we'll get the standard ten episodes of various character introductions before the big friction-inducing event happens, moving us into the more story-centric part of this show.

In this episode, a cute little ghost is chased out of her home by real estate agents. Because of this, for some reason she's decided that she'd like to live in Kazuki's room. This poses a problem for him, so like a good samaritan, he offers to help. Random misadventures later, Kazuki uses magic and ultimately makes his life more complicated.

Fun fun fun.

Rating: C

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Maburaho Episode 4


"He Saw..."

Despite the fact it seems completely out of place in a lighthearted show like this, the atmosphere, spooky music that plays in the episode is really good.

Wow, now there's a terrible eyecatch. (Actually, they've all been pretty bad. This one takes the cake.)

Anyways, this episode deals with a plot that doesn't really make sense to begin with. There are motivations at work here that you aren't supposed to care about, and more or less just serve as an excuse for Kazuki to use up another one of his dwindling spells (at this rate, we're almost done with the show!). Anyways, true to genre convention, the haughty, aloof girl who thinks she's better than our hero ends up falling for him. It's not just about using him! Surprise surprise.

Uh... maybe they'll explain the behemoth thing better in a future episode... Yeah...

Rating: C-

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Maburaho Episode 5


"He Did It..."

If he really did, it'd probably make the demographic of this show happier.

Kazuki has a great facial expression in this episode. I had to rewind three times so that I could get enough of it. There's more than just that though, there were a handful of moments in the episode where characters had the perfect look or expression. This was a really light-hearted, silly episode that was somehow not quite as blatantly fanservicey (even though there's still a lot of it).

After losing interest in this show with each successive episode, I think this one actually brightened my outlook a bit.

In this episode, Rin wants to make a homemade lunch for Nanba, a boy she has a crush on who is leaving the school. Unfortunately, as all characters of her stereotype, she's totally unfeminine, and is completely incapable of cooking. There's nothing really original about this episode, but it's all put together in a way that is surprisingly fun and entertaining.

I guess it makes sense, as it's episode five, and every series seems to turn for the better after the opening four.

Rating: A-

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