Avenger Episode 1



It's the new anime season, so we've got a whole crop of shows to check out. This one didn't immediately grab me, though. The art style seems a little frazzled, nothing very cohesive, making it hard to rely place the series in a time frame. Obviously it's the future, as it takes place on Mars, and we've got very technologically advance dolls (which don't really appeal to me, having the whole child look to them). Layla looks like a guy, and the like I said before, the art style is so widely variant from character to character and location to location, it's not an easy show to watch.

The music wasn't very spectacular either, having the same problems as the art. Matching or not, the tunes are generally not worth much of a mention.

The plot deals with fighters and doll trainers, who compete in tournaments of some sort. For an introductory episode, we sure aren't introduced to very much. Hopefully the next few episodes will give us a better idea of what this show is all about.

Rating: C-

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