May 02, 2004

FLCL Episode 4


"Full Swing"

Hm. Well, I wish I could do a content review about this episode, but let's just say it's pretty out of this world. Which is to say that it's pretty standard for FLCL. If there's any real cohesive story, it's a little bit about baseball, a little bit about jealousy, a little bit about the city blowing up, and a lot about being weird.

I almost feel like everyone should watch this show just for the pure insanity of it all. Maybe with a few repeated viewings, this stuff becomes more clear, but the first time you see it, more like than not, you'll be going, "Huh?"

What I can say is that the production values are still incredible, and the music still rocks.

So, yeah, if you'd like to watch a show that is seriously twisted, and has some sort of underlying meaning that is convered by layers and layers of wackiness. Check out FLCL!

Rating: B

Posted by Kei at May 2, 2004 10:21 PM

And the 5 and 6 episodes?

Posted by: M at July 3, 2005 05:20 PM
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