April 30, 2004

Saikano Episode 02


"I'm Growing"

I don't know if it was really necessary to make Chise quite so stupid. I mean, she is an idiot. And on top of that, she can't walk up a hill without almost passing out. If that's the Japanese idea of a superweapon, I guess that means the world is safe.

It's not really that just Chise is stupid though. For example, every character we ever see seems really untraumatized by the fact up to 100,000 people could be dead after the first bombing. Seeing their friend die doesn't stop them from making stupid comments about how cool the jet fighters look.

Now stop blushing. No, I mean it. Please!

I do think it's kind of interesting that the audience is expected to just swallow the concept of the show (Japan being invaded, innocents being slaughtered, and the above heroine as their only hope), without receiving any details, justification, etc. Though, when you think about it, it's probably for the better. I can't see any explanation that would make me feel better about it.

This episode was a little better than the last one, but still not great. The emotional moments are sort of missing something. Surprise and shock, for one thing. If it weren't for the fact I know this show gets better, I'd have a hard time recommending it.

Rating: B-

Posted by Kei at April 30, 2004 01:04 AM

One of my laments for Saikano is the lack of credibility in the war that they are engaged in. Part of it results from the lack of information on it (as you mentioned). That led to my inability to empathise with Chise's sufferings/situations. I'm really keen to see how you will find the rest of the series. :)

Posted by: Stripey at May 1, 2004 02:01 AM
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