April 12, 2004

Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 27

Fullmetal Alchemist


It's been a while since we had a nice, long childhood flashback for Ed and Al, but with their teacher showing up on the show for the first time, we finally get some!

This episode is sort of starting off the third story arc of Fullmetal Alchemist, so their teacher's appearance is basically used as an excuse to explain the things that Ed and Al did to get themselves where they are now.

In another brief, two minute snapshot, we see that Mustang moves inches closer to the power he is seeking (he might even leave for Central City one of these days). On the bright side, I was pretty happy with the character of Izumi (the boys' teacher), even if I think her frequent beatings seem to always screw up the mood of a scene.

Hopefully we can pick up a moving story thread again at some point.

Rating: B+

Posted by Kei at April 12, 2004 11:17 PM
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