February 07, 2004

Da Capo Episode 05

Da Capo

"I'm a Maid, So..."

This is not a good show. It's like its target audience is older teens, but it's written and created like a show for kids. Anyways, this is your standard issue maid-testing episode. Maid shows up, needs a place to live, of course wants to live with our female-burdened hero. The maid is, of course, grossly unqualified to be a maid, but aforementioned tries his hardest to help the maid pass the arbitrary tests she's been given. Of course, in the end, everything works out for the best.

On the plus side of this fluff show, the cute art style works pretty well. It's amusing to see Junichi go through his various poses and actions, and the show is fast-moving enough (not to mention short enough) to be watchable, even if it isn't very good.

Rating: C+

Posted by Kei at February 7, 2004 11:18 PM
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