January 10, 2004

Lunar Legend Tsukihime Episode 10

Lunar Legend Tsukihime

"Crimson Red Moon"

Reflecting back on a decade of Shingetsutan Tsukihime episodes, it occurs to me that the Shiki/Arcueid relationship wasn't built up in the most convincing way. Sometimes it's hard to accept that being killed by Shiki somehow piqued a romantic interest in Arcueid (plain interest, I can see). Either way, when they are together, their interaction seems believable.

The truth about Ciel is revealed in this episode, and while there have been some hints before, the actual truth is somewhat surprising.

More than that, though, I was happy to see more of the love story (can it really be described as love?) between Shiki and Arcueid, these two extremely different chracters (not only to each other, but for anime in general).

Rating: B+

Posted by Kei at January 10, 2004 08:39 PM
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