January 07, 2004

Lunar Legend Tsukihime Episode 08

Lunar Legend Tsukihime


It must be a testament to the moral turpitude of anime in general that when I see a brother and sister exhibit any sort of affection to each other, I immediately begin to worry I've been sucked into yet another series with a disgusting, incestuous love story.

There's a pretty good action sequence in this episode, but the sound is over-foleyed, which makes it sound kind of ridiculous. (Two knives sound like big swords crashing into each other.)

Something that you may or may not have expected is revealed in this episode (though if you didn't see any strangeness coming, you need to be less trusting). Character interaction feels lacking in this episode, as it's mostly plot driven. Given how the show's been going, this actually hurts it, and makes it less enjoyable than the previous episodes. Action (which was found in the earlier episodes) actually feels out of place, at this point, especially as it's over-dramatized, and Tohno running around slashing with his knife has always seemed a little off.

Rating: B

Posted by Kei at January 7, 2004 12:34 AM
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