October 16, 2003

Onegai Twins Episode 12

Onegai Twins

"Three Person Twins"

Eleven episodes later, the answer. (The first episode of the show was called "Three Person Twins?)

I might be completely off my gourd, but I thought the art was a little more appealing than usual in this episode.

(Don't worry, the streak continues.)

Now that we've got the important stuff out of the way, let me do the series breakdown.

Spoilers exist below!

This show has the dumbest plot in a romantic drama/comedy I've ever seen. This enormous build up (okay, so it isn't that big, but that's literally all we've got!) over who of the three twins are actually are the twins in the picture, and who's the outsider.

There's no clever Marmalade Boy payoff. As it turns out, the revelation in the last episode that Karen is the twin is actually true. HOWEVER, it's Miina in the picture.

If you were expecting any backstory, you expected wrong!

The show was basically a set of one dozen standalone episodes that don't really advance the relationships of the characters. Honestly, I feel like this story could have been effectively told in a three episode OAV as an accompaniment to Onegai Teacher.

Let's breakdown the characters:

1. Maiku. Maiku started knowing just about nothing about his parents, led by a picture of him and his twin (which apparently his mother lied to him about) to the Onegai world. At the end, he knows just about nothing about his parents, but now has a sister (who is more or less in love with him in a non-sisterly way), and a girlfriend. As a character, he has not advanced. He advanced from being the stuck-up, it's all about me character in about episode two.

2. Miina. Miina started knowing just about nothing about her parents, led by a picture of her and her twin (which apparently her mother lied to her about) to the Onegai world. At the end, she knows just about nothing about her parents, but now has a "sister" (pretty much in every way but blood), and a boyfriend. As a character, she has not advanced. We learned she liked to run.

3. Karen. Karen started knowing just about nothing about her parents, led by a picture of her and her twin (which apparently her mother lied to her about) to the Onegai world. At the end, she knows just about nothing about her parents, but now has a brother (who she is in love with in a more or less non-sisterly way), and a "sister" (pretty much in every way but blood). As a character, she has not advanced. She still faints whenever she gets freaked out or excited, and she's still in love with Maiku.

To sum up: Twelve episodes of the same story repeated over and over again. On episode eleven, realize we're running out of space. Have the twin discover her identity through random chance discovering a diary in an abandoned house.

The alien story would have been better than this.

Rating: D

Posted by Kei at October 16, 2003 11:39 PM

That was the best anime review I've ever read. Sure I still plan on punishing myself by watching the remaining 2 episodes but at least I was warned. I agree with the idea of having the twins as aliens. It would have at least given the show some flavor. Also, is it just me or does Mizuho seem to be hitting on Maiku. What happened to her marriage to Kei?

Posted by: Francisco at March 1, 2004 08:55 PM

What happen to Kei and Mizuho Marriage?

Posted by: Visith at July 31, 2004 10:04 AM

Did Mizuho and had Kids.I thought they had twins?

Posted by: Nchink at July 31, 2004 10:08 AM

I didn't acturally get the last episode when i watched it. So is Miina not related to either Maiku or Karen at all?

Posted by: Kazumi at November 26, 2004 07:26 PM

episode 12 is great!!!!with a great ending !!!It deserves an A+ rating!!!!

Posted by: elle at January 7, 2005 10:24 PM

MY god am I happy I found your website review on this. Personally the only thing/person tying me to watching this was Maiku's under developed character. The whole stuck-up thing then the nose bleed was amuzing I must say. But hell I just wanted to know who the twin was so that I didn't have to be forced to sit through all these freaking episodes of crap after crap! Boy am I glad you posted a review. Thanks a ton!

Posted by: Ayame at April 12, 2005 04:38 PM

Will some one please tell me what happens at the end of episode twelve?

Posted by: momijifan at May 1, 2005 01:04 PM

Onegai Twins centers on Kamishiro Maiku, an orphaned loner. Life gets complicated for him when two girls, Miina and Karen, show up the same day with the same old photo he has, depicting him and a girl in an outdoor pool, and the same blue eyes that set him apart, each claiming to be his twin.

I was pleasantly surprised by this series, having low expectations for a sequel that is really its own story. The sci-fi and "teitai" plots of Onegai Teacher are gone, replaced by the Maiku-Miina-Karen love triangle that quickly develops. The main conflict of the series arises from the trio trying to find out which is Maiku's sister and which can declare her love for him. Unfortunately, the series could've used another plot point; it gets along fine, but just about every episode has a cast member saying 'maybe we're relatives, maybe not' at some point.

That said, Onegai Twins gets along fine on its own. The characters are all appealing: Miina is the spunky girl-next-door (in fact, she looks and sounds so much like Herikawa that it's almost like the Onegai Teacher writers felt bad about her losing Round One to Mizuho and brought her back for Round Two), Karen's the shy, timid one, and Maiku is the stoic loner. Maiku especially stands out for having an exceptional amount of backbone and decisiveness for a romance protagonist, and is one of the few anime males who (usually) isn't reduced to blushing and stammering by the slightest sexual suggestiveness; a welcome change. The art is bright, attractive, and smoothly animated.

There are cameos from most of the Onegai Teacher cast, but only a few make much of a contribution and all in much more comedic roles than the first go-round. Oddly enough, though Kei appears several times, he never speaks, making me wonder if the seiyuu was working on another project.

All in all, it's a good watch, even if you haven't seen or even liked Onegai Teacher. As a series, it stands on its own.

Posted by: GoddessRikku at May 14, 2005 07:05 AM

do u guys know what are the music from the onegai image vocal clips 1-4?

Posted by: yo at June 19, 2005 02:56 AM
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