October 07, 2003

Da Capo Episode 04

Da Capo

"The Canary Under the Cherry Blossoms"

It was only a matter of time before this show got even weirder (say five seconds). We get to see Kotori again, the girl that's popular with all the kids at school, and she has the ability to read minds. Another of her innate powers is the ability to summon forth background music to accompany her singing. (By the way, that song she's singing... it's terrible. I can only assume that Nemu's brother is deaf, and thus seems to enjoy it.)

Anyways, so we get the beginning of the Kotori/Asakura relationship in this episode, and it seems pretty standard (well, except for the fact that she can read minds and he can do magic). Because of the little music video that is attached to the end of each episode, the show feels a little rushed, while at the same time, it feels like the story of each episode drags on too much, given the shorter length.

There's really nothing special about this show so far.

Rating: C+

Posted by Kei at October 7, 2003 11:53 PM
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