October 04, 2003

Onegai Twins Episode 10

Onegai Twins

"I Want to Run Again"

Not wasting time to get to the tenth bath scene in a row, coming in right after the opening credits.

This episode was a lot better than the majority of episodes in this series so far, but it still makes you wonder where exactly it's all going. We found out a little bit more about Miina's life (not that it amounts to much), generally developing her character in a very non-character-developing sort of way. You might say that she grows in a fashion that doesn't actually add or detract from her character. Okay, so that's not really growing, but I guess that's sort of what I'm trying to say.

The best part of the episode is probably the last few minutes, where Karen (loathe her voice) discovers that the house they live in is quite possibly not the house they grew up in. Because of the angle of the picture, she surmises that the ramshackle house across the way is actually where they lived. (It should be noted that the fact they were in the wrong house should have been really obvious from a careful examination of the photo.)

It's an interesting new direction for the show, but boy, you'd think they'd have noticed their mistake earlier.

Rating: C+

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