September 30, 2003

Da Capo Episode 02

Da Capo

"Evil Nemu, Explodes"

Hm, episode two of this series wasn't really a marked improvement over the last. We've worked out of they introductory phase (only one episode, thankfully), and now we see into the relationship between Nemu and her brother, with whom she seems to have slightly more than platonic feelings for. Luckily they're not related by blood. (Sad day when I should be thankful that possibly romantically involved characters in an anime are not related by blood.)

The premise of this episode isn't anything you haven't seen before, with one person getting jealous of the other, even though her feelings aren't obvious (so it seems like a nonsensical jealousy to the other party, even though the audience knows what's going on). It hasn't been openly stated that the two are interested in each other, but it sure seems like it!

Not really much else to say about this show, so far it seems very average (without any magical stuff like in the last).

Rating: C+

Posted by Kei at September 30, 2003 10:08 PM
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