September 17, 2003

Da Capo Episode 10

Da Capo

"I Wanted You to Listen to It"

Whoa, I clearly missed the explanation of the whole thought reading thing that's going on in this episode... Sure, I did pick up the series at episode nine, but I didn't see any evidence of anything crazy in that one.

This episode definitely threw a curve at me, especially at the end. If someone could explain to me what the deal with the last five minutes with the cat-person and the montage (great piano music, though), I'd be extremely grateful.

Other than that weird ending, I thought the bulk of the show was interesting, with Nemu's brother getting into a sitcom-esque predicament by accepting two appointments at the same time, one with Nemu and one with Kotori (the mind-reading girl who appears to have a crush on him). The catch is that Kotori can read minds... so she lies about her appointment so that he can hang out with Nemu (whom he probably has some sort of latent incestual desire for... I might be kidding, a little). It actually plays out well, despite the oddball concept.

Oh, and then there's the almost Disneyesque scene where Kotori breaks into song (surely she was egged on by the instrumental track that started to play out of nowhere!). Kotori invited Nemu's brother to listen to her vocal concert, and when she tells him that the concert was cancelled, she misses the chance to have him hear her sing. Four our benefit, she sings it afterwards, while she's alone and thinking about what happened.

I'm not officially confused, but interested in this show. The previous episode made it seem like a real standard high school romantic comedy/drama... but now I don't know what to think.

Rating: B

Posted by Kei at September 17, 2003 12:16 AM


Great commentary, my EXACT thoughts when I started watching Da Capo two hours ago. I was totally thrown as to what the anime was supposed to be about exactly so I googled it in hopes of finding answers and found your reviews. Hilarious. *laughs* maybe I'll continue to stomach it and watch the rest of it.

Cheers, Jen

Posted by: Jen at June 24, 2004 02:54 PM

i realy liked this anime. because it had a good story. and the last episode was realy emotional,
it was so emotional the i cried for hours and im
not kidding. story:10 voice:10 music:9
animation:10 OVERALL=A+

Posted by: adem at April 16, 2005 02:53 PM
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