September 12, 2003

Onegai Twins Episode 07

Onegai Twins

"Making Memories"

I'm getting a little tired of Onegai Twins' (and, I think Onegai Teacher) frequent use of two characters reading the same line. It happens so much that it stands out. Just about every single episode seems to end with Miina and Karen saying some line together. I don't understand why the show's writers seem to like this technique so much. It really doesn't add anything... and it doesn't really make sense when it's used.

Anyways, we get this episode started off on a sour note. A cameo appearance from Onegai Teacher... but it's the girl who sees Kei on the beach and falls in love with him. Not quite what you'd call a major character. Oh yeah, by the way, this is the requisite beach episode of the series. (But don't worry, the change of scenery doesn't stop this episode from making it seven out of seven for bath scenes!)

And for the love of god, we get a scene of Miina and Karen taking turns licking a popsicle. Real subtle, guys. Thanks.

There's a few more cameos in the episode, with Shidou getting some more goofball time (why they decided he would be the returning character with the most screen time, I have no idea... I guess his oddly incestous relationship with his little sister Haruko fits the story or something), as well as Ichigo (ugh), Mizuho (still not drawn as well as in the last series), and... wait for it... Kei (who still hasn't said anything).

Nothing happens in this episode that is much different than any of the others... At the end, Maiku passes out from being teased by Miina and Karen and drinking Ichigo's "super juice".

I know how he feels.

Rating: C

Posted by Kei at September 12, 2003 11:47 PM
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