September 08, 2003

Onegai Twins Episode 04

Onegai Twins

"Be Kind to You"

For those of you keeping score, Onegai Twins opens with a bath scene between the two female twins, keeping the bath scene streak alive.

I forgot to mention it the first time he popped up, but this episode features Shimazaki, one of Maiku's classmates who is rather openly gay, and attempts to garner sexual favors from Maiku in exchange for his assistance in finding Miina and Karen part-time jobs. I think his character was purely thrown in to make the (I have to assume) predominately horny male audience that is watching this show feel as uncomfortable as possible, but who knows?

After two episodes dealing with the incestual nature of the twins' relationship, it appears that the two girls have made up their minds that they don't care if they're related to Maiku or not, they're going to try to win his affection. Either that or they're heavily banking on the fact that they are just a bunch of strangers, and the series' creators just didn't find it necessary to let the audience in on this internal dialogue. Meanwhile, Maiku doesn't seem to have gone down this path much at all, and falls into the role of big brother to Karen and Miina.

Anyways, the girls seem to finally have realized that staying with Maiku is causing him trouble with his finances. Hoping to help with his money problems, they try to find jobs. Their search is more or less one long slow descent into disaster, but in the end, big brother Maiku bails them out and finds them a job at the Herikawas' store (that's Koishi's family for Onegai Teacher fans), and we see the twins actually act like a family for once.

There's one interesting question that remains unanswered in this episode, at least. When on the subject of whether or not the twins will go to school, it's revealed that Miina didn't attend school previously. She doesn't want to talk about it, but hopefully it'll be explained in the future (especially now that Maiku has made arrangements for the girls to attend his school).

More disappointing in this episode is the continued degradation of Mizuho's character. Though she slightly redeems herself with an insightful explanation of Maiku's character to the girls (and to any viewers who haven't puzzled out his rather generic persona).

This show doesn't seem to be going anywhere quickly, and I'm really curious what aspect of the twins' relationship will turn into the main plot. The mention of the Herikawas' store gives me hope that Koishi might have a cameo in upcoming episodes (and hopefully her character won't be completely destroyed like the others), but other than curiousity and the great-looking artwork and occasionally nice music, there's not much else keeping me engaged with this show.

Rating: C+

Posted by Kei at September 8, 2003 12:02 AM
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